Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Living with my dogs

Now that we have only 6 sled dogs and Deklyn the routines and daily life has gotten a little simpler. The dogs are routinely coming upstairs for quiet time before bed and they are spending a lot less time in crates since everyone gets along. Even with Suzie in heat the boys and girls are all behaving themselves. Henry is learning manners quickly, Carmine is starting to settle down ( only slightly), Eli loves sitting for love. The girls are very well behaved, suzie does jump on the couch a lot though... So its going well. Which is good because there hasn't been a lot of snow to train this season, infact there is none at my house! A few of the dogs started coughing again so Soon after this post we will be headed to the VET! They love us!


  1. What a cool video! I love it that you can let them outside and not worry about them taking off (or do they?) Great idea for video, by the way. I've really enjoyed all your videos.

  2. Thanks Kathleen! The basement door goes out to an acre of fenced in yard. The dogs are really good out there but sometimes Carmine sneaks out.... and then Henry joins him! They go to our neighbor's house who feeds them then come home.