Saturday, March 18, 2017

March Storm Stella brought us just over 2 feet of snow so we got out and have been enjoying it everyday since Wednesday! Today William wanted to get some time on the runners. We started by riding out to the main trail, then he rode tandem for a few miles. We attached Ellie for a while and then did tandem up some BIG hills and then Down some Big Hills Will was super brave and did a great job learning when to use the brake! On the last mile we hooked up Ellie and he ran her the rest of the way home including the super tight and narrow trail back to our house! Super Proud mom right here. The little one hasn't been feeling so great and just enjoyed the nice weather and a little nap in the sled. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Mom Life!

I know I am a terrible blogger. Its been so long since I updated. Last winter was a bust. We only got out twice on sleds due to terrible snow conditions and nothing on our trails at home. This summer my husband worked on creating a trail out of our yard to the snowmobile trail!! Its amazing. My oldest son and I have been working all fall on building his skills to become a musher. W is about to turn 4 in February and over the holidays I got him on his own sled with his dog twice. the first day was a 2 miles and then the second time out was almost 3 miles. He did great going though some really tough terrain. He did get a ride home on the snowmobile and I put his dog back in my team, I mean he is still 3 and did some work driving his little sled ( which was graciously given to him by Christine Richardson of Seal Cove , a truly inspiring woman and amazing dog musher).  We also have started helping out with our local club the Blue Mountain Snow Dusters. Lee has been out a few times building/ maintaining trails and I have done some work with their facebook page.

Below are a few clips from our adventures!

We also have been doing a lot of kennel updating including a run in for two of the dogs! We removed a TON of trees too. Always a work in progress but they are super happy about the changes!

Here is a clip from us leaving from our yard!

I also started jogging with the dogs 2 to 3 miles 3 days a week over the non snow months to keep them in shape

William running with Ellie. I am not sure who has more energy a 3 year old or a husky!

The Team fall training. We put up signs this year on the BMSD Trails!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Life in NH

We are staying to settle into our new home here in Grantham NH. The best part is that the digs have a cozy barn that they go in at night, bad weather or when they need a break. We have set up half of it with crates, straw and our equipment and plan on doing lots of improvements this summer. The previous owners had a bunny, and the hutch is big enough that we took the door off and the digs like hanging out in the elevated space. When wet first got here we had a digg house up against it but had to move it when we discovered Suzie was jumping on the roof of the hutch and then getting on the roof of the barn!
   The ground was frozen when we moved in so we used fence panels that we brought from the old kennel in Vermont to make a temporary yard for the winter. The dogs are enjoying their new space. The big evergreens shade them from heavy snow and wind.

   Right now we are only running on the weekends since we are not familiar with the talks yet and part of the trails go by a fenced game reserve. I have been told that sometimes the wild boars get out and can be dangerous! I am going to be constructing a holster to hold my shot gun for next winter so I can run at night.  I will post some video once I can figure out how to do that from my phone.

See you on the trail!

Monday, January 20, 2014

We are Back!!

We are back! After a long time off we are starting to get back into the swing of things. We had a baby, have moved to NH and are exploring our new back yard. There are trails everywhere here and the little 4 dog team and I are having a blast discovering where we can go.

 The dogs are also enjoying their very own barn and new dog yard.

Ellie is officially a house dog and enjoying her time on dog beds and watching over our son

The other three, Henry, Suzie and Carmine came back to us after time with Christine Richardson at Seal Cove Journeys. We missed them while we were moving but it was a great experience for them. Thank you Christine and Kip! Our new focus for the team is going to be just having fun and growing as a team. We are planning on participating in the Wonalancet fun Run this season and maybe more if we get some good training runs.

 See you on the trail!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring has arrived. Maybe winter won't tease us anymore.

Its been a weird spring so far. We have had hot, like HOT,days and the dogs are in the kiddy pools and then the next morning you wake up and the pools are a solid brick of ice. We haven't been doing any atv runs this spring. BUT our neighbor cleaned up a few trees that were blocking the trail and the cattle have not arrived  yet so we have been doing a ton of off leash walking. We start from our yard and can hike it or cruise on the ATV and the dogs chase me, which they love opening up and racing each other.  Eli and Munchkin have gone to their new homes and their new owners report back that they are doing great! Carmine is looking for a home still and will make a great pet for someone or an addition to any type of team Sprint to Mid Distance, Competitive or Recreation. So far all you readers out there keep your eye out for a nice new home for the big guy.  He has been to doggy day care a few times and LOVES it. He is coming out his shell a lot now that there are fewer dogs. As for our plans I am still planning on skijoring next winter and if I am lucky and with practice I will get better at cross country skate skiing and we can enter a race or two. Even though I really miss having all of the dogs here, its also been a lot more manageable with so few. It will be nice to be down to  a number where all the dogs can fit in the canoe for weekend camping trips and all of them fitting in the back of my hatch back ( although after fitting 6 dogs in my 2 door ford many years ago I think 4 will certainly fit in my car now! Enjoy our little video!

Friday, March 30, 2012


Well after a tragic fall and winter of animal losses and some life changes we have decided to re-home most of the team. I spent the last part of the winter Skijoring and think that will be a more manageable direction. I mulled over this over many weeks and we have started the process. Munchkin went to her new home a few weeks ago to a very cool young couple in Barre Vermont to live her life out as an active pet.

The big boys Eli ( 5) and Carmine ( 4) are still available. Both would be best in a sled dog home since they still have hard work ethics and desire. But would also be great as active pets! The do not need to go together. They are crate trained, house trained, are being taught how to walk nicely on a leash and can be walked off leash. They can be tethered or penned outside. They have bikejored, skijored, hiked with back packs and have done overnight camping.

Eli has been a fantastic lead dog for me for the last 3 years, taking us past and through some tricky situations. Like past a flock of 20 wild turkeys or through the tight tunnel at the Stratford race with out a skip in his step. He would be a great addition to any team. He is so enthusiastic about running that he has to be tethered with a heavy cable and shackle directly to the truck. He is great in the house, with kids and small animals, loves on everyone he can get to pet him. He can be walked on a leash with the use of a prong collar, rides well in the car and is very people oriented.

Carmine is the hardest worker who I never have to fuss about. He can run in lead although sometimes his mind wanders with his nose. He does have epilepsy which has been almost completely controlled with an all raw diet. He was having them in his sleep ( usually at 1 or 2 in the morning) and every 6 weeks when they first developed about 2 years ago. But hasn't had one in nearly 9 months! The seizures have never effected his running and I have never feared an episode while he is working. He is great in the kennel can be penned or tethered. He is not a barker, he plays well with the other dogs, and loves to cuddle once he knows you. He is a super happy dog, his favorite game is to chase the laser pointer. He will go to my work bench and point to the pointer until I play with him! He is shy so doesn't do well with human crowds but really enjoys car rides.

If you are interested please email me at

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 2012

We were really doing well when the beginning of January came around. The snow started to fall and we hit the trail! I got a LOT of video using our new GoPro Camera and tried out a bunch of mounting options. The dogs were doing great for about 3 weeks. We met up with our friends a few times a week and got some great training. The last time we ran i did notice something was up, Eli was being super cranky and was going after other teams which is totally unlike him. I pulled him out of lead and stuck him in wheel he was working great but when we got home it started. Eli, Munchkin, Suzie and Henry all started to cough. So for the last 10 days they have been inside, crated and medicated. It did give me time to work on a longer video. Hopefully not too long..... But here is what I have so far!