Saturday, January 14, 2012


So last weekend we finally got on the sled! The dogs and I met up with friends at Eden Mountain Lodge both Saturday and Sunday. The dogs did fantastic! The conditions were still a little sketchy but I rotated the dogs and we went out in groups of 4 dogs. Then on Wednesday Lee and I went back to Eden and took all 6 out with both of us in/on the sled. It was a blast and I got some great video and photos of the dogs. One is featured on the home page of for a limited time!

Being on the sled is so refreshing. Its like putting on you sandals when summer arrives for the first time or when you get the Christmas tree up in December. You forget how much you love the feel of the runners under your feet, the sound of the dogs panting away with the jingle of their tags. Being on sleds for the first time for the season reminds you why you pick up dog crap and deal with tumble weeds of dog hair all year round. I think I heard the words " NOW I REMEMBER WHY I DO THIS" about 50 times this past weekend from all the mushers who flocked to snowy Eden. We got a healthy amount of snow last night up here in Vermont and I hope to hit my local spots this coming week. Lee is out today scouting the Lincoln trails. Lets cross our fingers that he returns from snowmobiling with good news!

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