Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Free Running

Well, at least we got some exercise. We are so far behind in training its getting kinda ridiculous.... we got up to Jay, Vermont Friday night with dogs and equipment in tow. I bedded down with the dogs to experience some outdoor sleeping with the dogs. It took the dogs a long time to settle dog and then around 1am i was woken up by Henry sniffing me and a few of the dogs whining. Henry had twisted his drop chain off and was wondering around. I poked my head out of the sleeping bag to find it was raining.... yea. As comfortable as I was in my warm sleeping bag I knew that the dogs were miserable house pets getting wet. So I put them in the box, grabbed all my stuff and went inside to find the fire roaring and my husband and friend out cold on the couches and settled down on the floor with the house dog, Deklyn. When we got up in the morning the "snow" was almost gone. Needless to say we ended up free running the dogs every day and did not go snowboarding. The dogs seemed to really enjoy the change of scenery and had the opportunity to socialize with some other dogs.

Eli, Henry, Munchkin, Deklyn, Ellie, and Suzie

Power lines, very bare trail!

Munchkin chilling off in a puddle!

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