Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 2012

We were really doing well when the beginning of January came around. The snow started to fall and we hit the trail! I got a LOT of video using our new GoPro Camera and tried out a bunch of mounting options. The dogs were doing great for about 3 weeks. We met up with our friends a few times a week and got some great training. The last time we ran i did notice something was up, Eli was being super cranky and was going after other teams which is totally unlike him. I pulled him out of lead and stuck him in wheel he was working great but when we got home it started. Eli, Munchkin, Suzie and Henry all started to cough. So for the last 10 days they have been inside, crated and medicated. It did give me time to work on a longer video. Hopefully not too long..... But here is what I have so far!

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  1. That indecision part! bwahahahaha! I so appreciate you showing that. My main leader often tries to haw back for no good reason, then we have the same scene with her pulling in every which direction but the one I want to go. I've been so frustrated by it. So hearing the chuckles in your video was awesome! Stop by for a visit sometime! I've got lots of videos of my team. What a bummer of a winter for us in Minnesota, though.