Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring has arrived. Maybe winter won't tease us anymore.

Its been a weird spring so far. We have had hot, like HOT,days and the dogs are in the kiddy pools and then the next morning you wake up and the pools are a solid brick of ice. We haven't been doing any atv runs this spring. BUT our neighbor cleaned up a few trees that were blocking the trail and the cattle have not arrived  yet so we have been doing a ton of off leash walking. We start from our yard and can hike it or cruise on the ATV and the dogs chase me, which they love opening up and racing each other.  Eli and Munchkin have gone to their new homes and their new owners report back that they are doing great! Carmine is looking for a home still and will make a great pet for someone or an addition to any type of team Sprint to Mid Distance, Competitive or Recreation. So far all you readers out there keep your eye out for a nice new home for the big guy.  He has been to doggy day care a few times and LOVES it. He is coming out his shell a lot now that there are fewer dogs. As for our plans I am still planning on skijoring next winter and if I am lucky and with practice I will get better at cross country skate skiing and we can enter a race or two. Even though I really miss having all of the dogs here, its also been a lot more manageable with so few. It will be nice to be down to  a number where all the dogs can fit in the canoe for weekend camping trips and all of them fitting in the back of my hatch back ( although after fitting 6 dogs in my 2 door ford many years ago I think 4 will certainly fit in my car now! Enjoy our little video!