Monday, January 2, 2017

Mom Life!

I know I am a terrible blogger. Its been so long since I updated. Last winter was a bust. We only got out twice on sleds due to terrible snow conditions and nothing on our trails at home. This summer my husband worked on creating a trail out of our yard to the snowmobile trail!! Its amazing. My oldest son and I have been working all fall on building his skills to become a musher. W is about to turn 4 in February and over the holidays I got him on his own sled with his dog twice. the first day was a 2 miles and then the second time out was almost 3 miles. He did great going though some really tough terrain. He did get a ride home on the snowmobile and I put his dog back in my team, I mean he is still 3 and did some work driving his little sled ( which was graciously given to him by Christine Richardson of Seal Cove , a truly inspiring woman and amazing dog musher).  We also have started helping out with our local club the Blue Mountain Snow Dusters. Lee has been out a few times building/ maintaining trails and I have done some work with their facebook page.

Below are a few clips from our adventures!

We also have been doing a lot of kennel updating including a run in for two of the dogs! We removed a TON of trees too. Always a work in progress but they are super happy about the changes!

Here is a clip from us leaving from our yard!

I also started jogging with the dogs 2 to 3 miles 3 days a week over the non snow months to keep them in shape

William running with Ellie. I am not sure who has more energy a 3 year old or a husky!

The Team fall training. We put up signs this year on the BMSD Trails!!

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