Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Life in NH

We are staying to settle into our new home here in Grantham NH. The best part is that the digs have a cozy barn that they go in at night, bad weather or when they need a break. We have set up half of it with crates, straw and our equipment and plan on doing lots of improvements this summer. The previous owners had a bunny, and the hutch is big enough that we took the door off and the digs like hanging out in the elevated space. When wet first got here we had a digg house up against it but had to move it when we discovered Suzie was jumping on the roof of the hutch and then getting on the roof of the barn!
   The ground was frozen when we moved in so we used fence panels that we brought from the old kennel in Vermont to make a temporary yard for the winter. The dogs are enjoying their new space. The big evergreens shade them from heavy snow and wind.

   Right now we are only running on the weekends since we are not familiar with the talks yet and part of the trails go by a fenced game reserve. I have been told that sometimes the wild boars get out and can be dangerous! I am going to be constructing a holster to hold my shot gun for next winter so I can run at night.  I will post some video once I can figure out how to do that from my phone.

See you on the trail!

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