Friday, March 30, 2012


Well after a tragic fall and winter of animal losses and some life changes we have decided to re-home most of the team. I spent the last part of the winter Skijoring and think that will be a more manageable direction. I mulled over this over many weeks and we have started the process. Munchkin went to her new home a few weeks ago to a very cool young couple in Barre Vermont to live her life out as an active pet.

The big boys Eli ( 5) and Carmine ( 4) are still available. Both would be best in a sled dog home since they still have hard work ethics and desire. But would also be great as active pets! The do not need to go together. They are crate trained, house trained, are being taught how to walk nicely on a leash and can be walked off leash. They can be tethered or penned outside. They have bikejored, skijored, hiked with back packs and have done overnight camping.

Eli has been a fantastic lead dog for me for the last 3 years, taking us past and through some tricky situations. Like past a flock of 20 wild turkeys or through the tight tunnel at the Stratford race with out a skip in his step. He would be a great addition to any team. He is so enthusiastic about running that he has to be tethered with a heavy cable and shackle directly to the truck. He is great in the house, with kids and small animals, loves on everyone he can get to pet him. He can be walked on a leash with the use of a prong collar, rides well in the car and is very people oriented.

Carmine is the hardest worker who I never have to fuss about. He can run in lead although sometimes his mind wanders with his nose. He does have epilepsy which has been almost completely controlled with an all raw diet. He was having them in his sleep ( usually at 1 or 2 in the morning) and every 6 weeks when they first developed about 2 years ago. But hasn't had one in nearly 9 months! The seizures have never effected his running and I have never feared an episode while he is working. He is great in the kennel can be penned or tethered. He is not a barker, he plays well with the other dogs, and loves to cuddle once he knows you. He is a super happy dog, his favorite game is to chase the laser pointer. He will go to my work bench and point to the pointer until I play with him! He is shy so doesn't do well with human crowds but really enjoys car rides.

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