Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Proud of our experiences

I have been super busy this spring and summer and finally found some time to sit and write. The past racing season was amazing. I now feel like I am really chasing the dream of being a true musher. I had so much fun training and being with the dogs this past winter. I learned some important things about myself, how to concur my fear of trouble on the trail was a big lesson. I handled those times a lot better than I thought. I kept it together for the team and then let myself think about it after the fact and freak out! I learned that racing is more important than I had originally thought. I pushed myself harder than ever before, in the wilderness race I was down 2 dogs than everyone else, I probably ran 10-15 miles myself and was able to come in 7th! then at the can-am despite one of my worst cold/viruses ever I ran up every hill and really read the dogs, how they were feeling in the heat ( 40-50 degree weather). We came in 12th out of 31 in the biggest field we have ever been in. I was so proud of my dogs this season. I learned that you cannot rely on one dog to pull you through everything, you have to train all the dogs. I learned to pack a lunch that won't freeze in the sled bag. I learned that frozen venison is the dog's favorite after run snack but shouldn't be given on the trail. All these things that as a novice trainer you have to experiment, you learn so much from even your youngest dogs. I am rambling but I am excited still about the sport and am looking towards the future

Other News: Flash's condition has worsened and probably will never run again. We have been making him comfortable all summer but he has cushingoid symptoms and wheezing/coughing persists.

Schnee is having a blast at Aunt Susan Camp all summer and might be staying into the fall/winter! We miss her but know that she is having so much fun being the center of attention.

We are going to be picking up two 8 week old puppies from Shawn Linendoll's Happy Husky Kennel this coming weekend and a puppy pen was set up today! Their names are Simba and Susie. They are Swingley line dogs and their parents are Aspen (dam) and Mudslinger (sire).

All other doggies have been busy digging holes and lounging in the shade this summer, the few mornings that it has been cool they have had some major play sessions.

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