Monday, August 16, 2010


Ta Dog! Racing Huskies welcomes siblings Simba, cream male and Suzie, dark female, to the pack. Thank you Stacy for the pictures!

Lee and I have been having a lot of discussions about the kennel this summer. Between Flash's declining health and Schnee currently living with my friend Susan in CT leaves us down two dogs (who didn't run last year either). Dubs ( super star wheel dog) will be 9 this September and will probably want to retire in a year or two. With all the changes in the team we wanted to look towards our future. We turned to Linendoll's Happy Husky Kennel and Shawn Linendoll who had a repeat litter from last year out of his female Aspen and stud Mudslinger. Both dogs on their own are amazing with a great heritage from Swingley lines. We are very excited about these pups, they have great personalities and fit in quickly with most of the adults. They have been quite the show and we have converted the upstairs to a wrestling ring for the puppies to rumpus.
I know they are super cute and fun now but I am so excited for them to get big and I can start training them! Simba is a little chow hound and very out going, he likes to play with Ellie the most but will go up to any other adults and play bow. Suzie is slightly more reserved, she likes to sit, asses what is going on and then picks the best way to pounce! They are learning how to sleep in a crate over night, walk on a leash and ride in the truck right now. Today is the first day they will be separated ( only by fence panel) from each other but I picked babysitters that will console them. Simba is having a harder time being house trained and thanks to him we went through 4 rolls of paper towels in the first week. Suzie is catching on much quicker! I am hoping to take them to a dog park soon but they need to get a little bigger first. I will try to post some new pictures of all the dogs soon, just need to find my other camera. Carmine wanted to see what the insides of my last one looked like!

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