Sunday, February 7, 2010

100 Mile Wilderness Race

We just got home from the 100 Mile Wilderness Race in Greenville ME. It was definitely worth the 8-9 hour car rides. The weather was perfect cold and sunny and the 26 mile trail was gorgeous, wide, hilly and great views. The 100 mile race was canceled due to trail conditions and the30 mile race start was moved 4 miles up due to the lake being glare ice. There were 18 teams competing with mostly 8 dog teams, so my 6 huskies and I had to work extra hard to stay competitive. That meant me running at any point the dogs slowed to my running pace. I was off the runners a LOT! There were only a few up hills that left me totally grasping for air which made me happy that I have been working out this winter. We got passed by some pretty amazing teams that just flew past us. We ran quite a ways with Becki Tucker and her gang, then a team went by that my dogs really wanted to chase. We stayed behind David Punch for a little ways until his dogs turned on the afterburners and left us in a cloud of kicked up snow! I was super impressed by my dogs, Eli was the only one who at the end was having a hard time staying in a lope but he kept going and running strong in a fast trot. We placed 7th at a time of 2 hours 31 minutes and 36 seconds! The finishing times were really close in the middle of the pack and I can't wait to see everyone at the next race! The video below is at around the 1/2 way mark right after Punch left us in his wake. The team was Eli and Ellie in Lead, Munchkin and Carmine in Team and Dubs and Jersey in Wheel. Can't wait for next year.

View of Moose Head?

MY TEAM! What a great Gee over!

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