Monday, January 18, 2010

Starting Out with Ta Dog!

Ta Dog! Racing Huskies

Life is about to get even busier than ever, we are going to our first dog mushing event of the year on Saturday. The Wonalancet Fun Run. We are signed up for 4 other events, big and small. This blog will serve as a communicator for all my supportive friends and family to track how we are doing.

Since October the dogs and I have been increasingly busy training, we have already done a few 25 mile runs and plan on many more in the coming weeks. The 400th training mile has come and gone in a flash. Last year we only had about 250 miles at this time of year.

We added a great dog named Eli to the team last May and Schnee has "retired" from my team and is now running with friends when we can get her out there. She has become a professional snuggler instead of speedy race dog, celebrating her 10th birthday just a few weeks ago. The puppies are now two and in strong adult bodies. Ellie is quickly becoming a great command leader. Munchkin got HUGE and is a big force on the team. Flash was diagnosed with Canine Chronic Bronchitis but with drugs and running he is doing great. Dubs is not showing sign of aging and is ripped like usual and Jersey is just a hard pulling goober.

We are looking forward to continued racing success. Our plans for this year include the 30miler at the 100 Mile Wilderness Race in Greenville, ME, Sandwich Notch 20miler in NH, Stratford Nighthawk race in Stratford NH, the 15/15 category, and we are still waiting for a slot at the CanAm for the 30miler in Fort Kent, ME.

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