Wednesday, January 27, 2010

at least we don't have to drive anywhere...

So the nearly 2 inches of rain that happened Monday took us back to training with the ATV.... Not the most fun in the world but gets the job done. We checked out some local trails but they were solid sheets of ice and too dangerous! We found about 15 miles of roads with 3 turn arounds. I did run Flash who has been not coughing the last two days, and you can see Schnee's big hairy white butt right in front of the ATV. The new addition Carmine was very curious looking around but his tug was tight and he seemed to like running next to Munchkin! I have been calling around and the only place with any "trails" is Eden Mountain Lodge but it is also 2 hours away. I haven't cleaned my house since December, totally gross! So on the ATV again today. Oh and it is snowing so hopefully this weekend we will be back on the sled!

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  1. We ended up telling the house that it had to stay dirty and went to Eden anyway... and stayed out on the trails for about 3 hours. we worked on leader training, fun fun fun!