Saturday, January 30, 2010

Running when it's cold.

Today was cold, it was -12 degrees without the windchill when we left the house this morning. I was wearing so much I could barely move when hooking up the dogs. But with the team I have now I don't have to move much on the sled, just stay warm and upright. I wish I was able to get a picture of the snowmobile tour guide trying to help me zip up my coveralls... and then me trying to put my parka on after that. My camelback hose froze almost before we left the parking lot and that was under my down jacket, coveralls and parka, but I stayed relatively warm for the duration of the run. I was last to leave the parking lot. Stacy left with her 6 dog team, which included my dog Schnee, then we got Heather and her 9 dog team out. It took me a while to get going in all my layers but we caught up to Heather at about Mile 7. Then the two of us caught up to Stacy right before we entered the Little River Campground, we did a nice loop in the campground and stop for lunch before going back up and over the mountain. Carmine the new dog from Christine Richardson is working out great! I included a video that other mushers will probably apprechiate more than others. I have been battling with dogs trying to teach them how to "on the fly poop" and he does it very well! and disregard the musher talking, she was really really cold...

Heather's team ( forgive me if I spell names incorrectly) Maya and Watson in lead then Rein House, Mud, Zukie, Garnet, Smirk and Brewster.

Stacy's team Trapper and Casey in Lead, Fava and Schnee in Team and Marl and Flint in Wheel

My Team! Ellie and Eli in Lead, Carmine and Jersey, and Dubs and Munchkin in wheel.

Schnee enjoying the car ride home

The band of Goobers! Ta DOG!!!

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