Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New experiences

We have had very fickle weather causing changes in plans for racing season. We went to the Profile Falls 12.5 mile fun run this past Saturday and did very well placing 3rd for that day. We decided to not go back for Sunday to get some more training miles on the dogs. I also had a hard time with dogs running in lead Saturday; I ended up putting Carmine and wheel dog Dubs in lead. Sunday, Lee ran the team about 20 miles starting from Little River State Park. He had some difficulties. Ellie after some head on passes Saturday that didn't go very well decided she is not going to pass anything. anymore. end of story. So Carmine is out of team and in lead. He has been doing well but does not know any turning commands. Munchkin chewed 4 necklines on the run. First set when hooking up. Lee found a snowmobiler that had gone down an embankment ( really far down!) and stopped to help out when Munchkin chewed away her second set of necklines for the day...

I felt really bad so Lee, and a little guilty. I had a fricken BLAST on Sunday. I took Deklyn our lab border collie mix and our two 7 mo old puppies SKIJORING! In the past I have avoided my cross country skis like the plague, I fall constantly. So i adapted and overcame. I grabbed my down hill skis and went for it. Sure they are heavy and are more work up hills but I figured the puppies would be up for it. AND THEY WERE! They pulled me up every hill and I got some sweet powder turns down all the ungroomed down hills! I had so much fun we went out twice. The second time without Deklyn. He was uber slow and was not into the exercise....so lazy.

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  1. I love the video!! I want more! it's soo funny! That deklyn... always in the puppies way! and trying to run with them. He's so hilarious in this video. Great blog! Happy Birthday!