Thursday, December 9, 2010

Back on Sleds! 2010-2011 season

Its Offical we have been on sleds FINALLY! Dec 8, 2010 we journeyed out to our usual stomping grounds at CottonBrook State Park. We were the first people out on the fresh 12-16 inches of powder! I took a 4 dog team out and had Ellie in Single lead. All of the training she did with Flash last year on breaking trail really paid off. She did 3 miles upfront all alone and did fabulous! The snow got really deep and a 6 mile run is great in the deep snow. I ran Ellie, Trapper ( Stacy's Dog) Jersey and powerhouse Eli for the first run. Then I ran Dubs and Trapper in Lead ( got another 1/4 mile further in the powder) Munchkin and Carmine. There is a video above of them running back to the truck on a nicely packed trail we made! There were plenty of skiiers and hikers out that all said thank you for making the trail. The snow was light and fluffy but deep. I then ran Dubs and Ellie in lead with the puppies Henry and Suzie and Carmine in Wheel. We did a few miles and they loved it! Screaming to go run and pulling their little butts off! It is hard not to run them further but at about 7 months old I dont want to burn them out too soon! It was a lot of work to take out several small teams but a lot more fun then another boring day on the ATV! They got some great on-by practice with loose dogs too! Joan Knelly was out walking her Siberians and there was a loose yellow lab. Munchkin got a little cranky once but Dubs pulled her tight and she got over it quickly. I can't wait for this weekend if we get more snow i will take the 6 adults out to break even more trail and maybe get to the top and then up and over. One more week until it will be nice and groomed by VAST and the snowmobile tours.

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