Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fall Training 2010

It has begun! We have gotten some nice mornings and evenings for bikejoring and all the dogs have gotten out at least once. We like to start off with the bike to ease back into training with the dogs. It gives them some one on one attention and we can figure out what they remembered from last year. We also purchased a helmet cam this summer and Lee got some cool video with his favorite bikejor buddy "Dubs!" Dubs was our very first sled dog and is a pointer mix. He will be turning 9 in just a few weeks and LOVES bikejoring. In the video you can see how excited he gets when they get to the end of the road. He does a little boot scoot and almost seems to be saying " Are we REALLY doing this? YES!!!"

I also got some video of Carmine running in the evening that I will post on YouTube as well. He is going to need some more work with the bike. He is pretty new at it and a little afraid of the bike. Eli was bad for Lee but I got him to go after a while. He was just overly excited! The girls all ran like Dubs, pros! Munchkin was my hardest worker so far but just won't go out in front of the other dogs when we run with our friends. Hopefully I will get her to be a front runner in years to come, she is maturing into a great dog!

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